Hi! My name is MJ.

I study how people cook around the world and design kitchenware, spaces, and apps at the Meyer Innovation Factory, which is based in Hong Kong. I currently live and work in London.

MJ’s top HK spots


I moved to Hong Kong in 2013 and lived there for three years.

I love designy things, delicious and affordable food, and sweet views. The items in red are my absolute top picks for first-timers, but I would say everything on here is great.


Top Views:

Beautiful nan lian gardens, a paradise inside a cityscape inside rolling mountains, at chi lin nunnery in Diamond Hill, Kowloon, #hk

  • From Victoria Peak (taxi ride is the best way to get there, bus is second best, don’t bother with the Peak Tram).
  • The view from the glass-bottomed Gondolas on the way to the Big Buddha (Tian Tan Buddha). This trip is amazing and a must-do. Definitely splurge and get the glass bottoms!
  • From the top of the Dragon’s Back, a super lovely hike.
  • Nan Lian Gardens at Chi Lin Monastery, a gorgeous traditional garden + high quality vegetarian Chinese restaurant.
  • Ozone, the bar atop the Ritz Carlton at ICC in Tsim Sha Tsui


Top Shopping Spots:

  • PoHo in Sheung Wan (Kapok, Po’s Atelier, Teakha, etc)
  • PMQ in Sheung Wan
  • Times Square and Lee Theater (MUJI, UNIQLO, Åland) in Causeway Bay
  • Hipster shops (Monocle, Kapok) on Star Street (Wan Chai)
  • Gough Street (Elephant Grounds, Homeless) in Central
  • K-11 Art Mall in TST


Top Dim Sum:

  • Dim Sum Square, Sheung Wan – cheap and delicious
  • Pure Veggie House Vegetarian Dim Sum, Mid-Levels
  • Tim Ho Wan (Sham Shui Po, get the crispy bbq pork buns)
  • Heichinrou (pricier but tasty)
  • One Dim Sum at Prince Edward (this is supposed to be good, haven’t tried it yet)


Top Desserts & Snacks:


  • Yee Shun Milk Company – Warm Steamed Milk Pudding (if you like vanilla-y, milky desserts)
  • Egg tarts at Tai Cheong (if you like eggy desserts), a classic HK treat
  • Pineapple buns, Mexican Custard Buns, and condensed milk toast from Tsui Wah (lots of locations)
  • Mango desserts at Hui Lau Shan (several locations). My all-time favorite is the Green / White / Yellow mango drink; it has aloe, coconut, and mango <3
  • Baked goodies at Po’s Atelier
  • Xian Tian Gu,  a famous & delicious Japanese-inspired Cantonese dessert place in Tai Hang, Tin Hau.
  • On weekends, the delicious but expen$ive ice cream sandwiches at Elephant Grounds on Gough Street, Central


Top Cafes / Teahouses:

  • Teakha, PoHo, Sheung Wan
  • Kubrick bookstore cafe, Yau Ma Tei
  • Cafe Corridor, Causeway Bay
  • Heard it’s good – Mido Cafe, Yau Ma Tei


Top Eateries:

  • 121 BC, super delicious Italian food. A bit pricy, $460 HKD or so for an 11-course menu, or order a la carte.
  • Brass Spoon, yummy Vietnamese pho in Wan Chai
  • Bun Cha, delicious Vietnamese near PMQ in Sheung Wan/Central.
  • Syut, hidden away in an industrial building in Ngau Tau Kok/Kwun Tong.
  • This place in Tai Hang with no English name.
  • Mana for healthy vegan food in Central.
  • CATCH on Catchick in Kennedy Town has GREAT brunch.

Top Street Markets:

  • Temple Street Night Market (and nearby Yau Ma Tei for streets full of cheap cookware and kitchen gizmos)
  • For designers, a must-visit – Sham Shui Po crafting mecca – bead street, fabrics galore, toy shops, leather shops, trinkets, the electronics market, fashion street… oh my!  PS: Sassy’s SSP guide is purty good!

Top Burgers:

  • Beef & Liberty (Wan Chai)
  • Butchers Club (Wan Chai/TST)

Top Day Trips:


My favorite HK stuff by geographical location


* Victoria Peak: 1/3 – 1/2 day

If you only have one day in Hong Kong as a first timer, and it’s a clear-sky day, you must go here. It’s a breathtaking view of an amazing city.

If you like hiking you can actually get here via the Morning Trail, which is a sweet little 1-2 hour hike up Victoria Peak. Not advised during summer – it gets ridiculously muggy and hot.

Also check out:

G.O.D. For HK-themed souvenirs
* Eat at Pure Veggie House on the way down – fantastic and affordable vegetarian dim sum.
* Stop by the Hong Kong Aviary and HK Park afterwards, a short walk away 🙂

Central (the main downtown area): 1/3 day

Dai Pai Dong, classic Hong Kong alleyway street food
The Mid-Levels Escalator
121 BC, super delicious Italian food. A bit pricy, $460 HKD or so for an 11-course menu, or order a la carte.
The Globe’s extensive beer selection

G.O.D. For HK-themed souvenirs
SoHo area for cocktails, trendy restaurants (Try Little Lab, 50 Staunton Street)
Egg tarts at Tai Cheong (if you like eggy desserts), a classic HK treat
* Roundhouse Taproom, to die for short rib and great beer selection

* Sheung Wan: 1/3 day, or 1/2 Day if you peruse PMQ

* Teakha tea house & the shopping nearby (I like Konzepp)
* Po’s Atelier – insanely delicious baked goods
* Dim Sum Square, delicious and cheap!!
* PMQ: a neat collection of artsy/designy pop-up shops and boutiques, installed in the former HK Police family dormitory building.
Yet to try: Yardbird, a very popular yakitori joint

Wan Chai (for burgers and cute designy boutiques; legit wet markets): 1/3 day

Sunday afternoon in Wan Chai, #hk

Star Street /St Francis Yard Area Shopping (Especially Kapok)
* Beef & Liberty, great burger place above Pizza Express
Butcher’s Club, another amazing burger place nearby
Wet markets and the temple on Stone Nullah Ln

Causeway Bay (for good shopping and crowds) 1/3 to 1/2 day
* MUJI! With a cafe! Two stories! <3 + UNIQLO downstairs.
Lei Garden – the most insanely delicous crispy bbq pork in my life
Top of SOGO if you like Japanese-only books and mags
Butao, delicious ramen (worth the wait)
Cafe Corridor, great espresso and yummy snacks
Lei Shun Court: (menswear and burgers) Luddite, Hola, Burgerroom

Tai Hang (Tin Hau) (just for lunch or dinner)
Super cute restaurant district; reminds me of Japan!
Delicious secret / private clay pot restaurant Choi’s Kitchen
Famous & delicious Japanese-inspired Cantonese dessert place around the corner, Xiau Tian Gu



TST (bustly, touristy shopping district): 1/3 to 1/2 day

Star Ferry #hk

This building disappears into the clouds. What&#8217;s at the top, and how high is it? Let&#8217;s go! #hk

Star ferry over to/from Central on HK Island
Malls on Malls on Malls. Try K-11 Art mall if you want designy gifts or hip up-and-coming designer shopping.
Tallest bar in the world at Ozone @ the Ritz. Expensive but fantastic views.

Yau Ma Tei / Mong Kok (favorite cafe + indie movie theater, and awesome industrial CHEAP kitchen goods shops): 1/3 day

Mong Kok #hk

* Kubrick Bookstore/Cafe and arthouse cinema: my favorite cafe! A slice of New York City in HK
Great cookware shopping in random industrial-looking shops
GIANT Stationery store – CN Square – right by Yau Ma Tei MTR station.
The walk through Kowloon Park and up Shanghai street is very colorful and there are lots of shops to browse in!
HK Reader – sweet tiny little indie bookshop with a cat <3

Yet to try: Mido Cafe, a Cha chaan teng

Sham Shui Po (electronics and fashion/jewelry supply mecca): 1/3 day
The original Tim Ho Wan (cheapest Michelin starred restaurant) (dim sum)
Electronics market, fabric street, Cheung Sha Wan cheap clothing shops

Diamond Hill (super gorgeous free Chinese gardens + semi-fancy vegetarian Chinese lunch)

* The super beautiful Nan Lian gardens and attached Chi Lin Nunnery Vegetarian Restaurant. Yum!
Note: the beauty of the garden is ruined by harsh midday sun, go before or after noon

Kwun Tong / Ngau Tau Kok (super industrial area where MJ works!)

* tvfsjs, a lovely and delicious hidden cafe in the corner of a nondescript industrial building in Ngau Tau Kok. Totally worth having to actually find it. Hint: Walk down Kwun Tong Road, and when you find the building at the end of a stretch, walk around to the backside of to find the elevator lobby.
APM, a giant 9-story mall with a MUJI, LOG-ON, etc.

Kowloon City: “Little Thailand” (GREAT Thai food!!! and groceries.) + Kowloon Walled City Park: 1/2 day

Yay, southeast Asian snacks!! Kowloon city #hk



Lamma Island: (2/3 of a day)

Super cute day trip! Quaint seaside village feeling.
Seafood, a short hike to the windmill, trinkets.

+ Sai Kung seaside village
Great seafood! About an hour outside of town.

+ Dragon’s back

+ Big Buddha








Crispy Pork (Lei Garden)

Can&#8217;t stop thinkin bout dreamy pork belly from Lei Garden&#8230; #latergrammin #kowloon #hk
Dim Sum (Dim Sum Square)
BBQ Pork Bun (Tim Ho Wan)
Mango / Coconut drinks and Mango Mocchi (Hui Lau Shan)
Mexican Custard Bun / Pineapple Bun (Tsui Wah)
Egg Tart (Sheung Wan)
Muji Lunch (CWB)

Other lists: