Hi! My name is MJ.

I study how people cook around the world and design kitchenware, spaces, and apps at the Meyer Innovation Factory, which is based in Hong Kong. I currently live and work in London.




My name is MJ Truong. I am an industrial designer, podcast enthusiast, and inveterate dabbler. I moved from Brooklyn to Hong Kong in 2013 to join the Meyer Innovation Factory, where I’ve been doing ethnographic design research, product design, UI/UX work, packaging design, and branding work. In 2017, I got a lovely promotion and now serve as the Innovation Factory’s Department Lead. These days I live in London, but I still work every day with my team back in Hong Kong.

Before I moved to Hong Kong, I finished my Masters of Industrial Design at Pratt Institute in NYC, where I worked on a thesis project called BEEP! sigh, looking at the intersection of humanity and technology and exploring ways that we can make technology less alienating and more supportive of the things that are really important in life. It’s not perfect but I’m proud of it. You can check out BEEP! sigh, here.

Before I did my Masters, I majored in Humanities (yes, that’s a real major) at Yale University. My undergrad thesis was on Artificial Intelligence and Creativity.

I also dabble in music, and used to write it a wee bit when I had more free time. Sigh! Well, retirement draws nearer every day.

Take care now!